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The current version 1.2 of the Open Source It Manual is inspired by earlier versions of this manual, the Best Practices for Open Source Hardware of the Open Source Hardware Association (direct copies in point 2.4, 3.2, 3.3 & 4.1) and the Makers Bill of Rights. It will be developed further. New versions will be published with a unique version number.

Consider to help developing it with us into a “Infrastructure of understanding”.

a1 100   OWi Project

The version was created in the OWi Project which is about Open Source for Ecological Economies. Authors are Lars Zimmermann and the OWi Project. Helpful feedback and additional ideas came from Christian Siefkes, Timm Wille, Lisa Conrad and others.

The manual will be developed further. You are invited to join the process. If you want to contribute at this point, leave a comment with your suggestions under the manual or write an email to ooewi.mail@googlemail.com.


April 2014


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